Have you ever heard these complaints?

► “I know a lot about my product, yet can’t book appointments.”
► “I attend lots of networking events without meeting the right people.”
► “I make presentations yet don’t close the deal.”
► “I’m losing the sale because one member of the couple balks.”
► “I’ve been in the field a while, why can’t I get to the top?”

Super successful sales professionals rarely utter these remarks. How do they excel? They have AlikeAbility™. They adjust their style to suit the other person. If you ask them what they do, they can’t teach you or articulate it. Watching them doesn’t reveal the answer.

Yet, you can learn to read and match the personality styles of your prospects.

The 5-step formula called The AlikeAbility™ System is not about popularity or mimicking the other individual’s mannerisms or words. It’s not about being liked. AlikeAbility™ means raising the perception of being ALIKE the other person. Mr. and Ms. Sales Star do it unconsciously and automatically. That’s their secret to success.

Why is it important for sales professionals to be perceived as being Alike? If the first impression prospects form is “We’re alike”, their guard drops, their trust rises, and they are open to engaging with you. When resistance goes down, the probability of doing business goes up. Rapport is easily established.

Rather than play a numbers game, those individuals equipped with AlikeAbility™ enjoy the ease and comfort that comes from hearing more Yesses and less No’s. Their confidence soars. Even when they muff a part of the presentation, rapport keeps them aligned with their prospect and puts a “done deal” within reach.

People new to sales or at the beginning stage of creating their own customer base will find AlikeAbility™ a short-cut to acquiring clients and becoming wildly successful. Seasoned sales professionals will find that AlikeAbility™ allows them to connect with the most “challenging” prospects enabling them to work smarter, not harder.

Read an individual’s buying style, use it as the basis of your relationship, and newbie or old-timer, you’ll close more sales.