Are you struggling to increase sales?

Have you tried every marketing approach and still aren’t successful?
Do you hate to sell . . . to come off as pushy and aggressive?

Why is it easy for some people to get new business?
Because they use their Selling Super Powers.
Now You Can Too!

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4 Selling Super Powers so you can use the right approach with the right person to close more sales.

7 common mistakes to avoid making in sales conversations to get and keep your prospect’s interest.

3 ways to talk with confidence, develop rapport rapidly, and make more sales without being sale-z.

ONE proven formula that changes “no” to “yes” with more than 85% of prospects, to build relationships, stay in integrity, and close sales.

Because you’re bound to hear “no” at least once, you don’t want to miss how this ONE proven formula gives you the right approach to build relationships and make the sale.



When you attend the workshop, you’ll get an assessment and description of your specific Selling Super Power that will help you use your style to make more money.


You’ll receive a set of Q-cards that summarize the characteristics of all 4 Selling Super Powers. Carry them with you whenever you’re speaking to prospects to develop instant rapport, put you at ease, and have more control in the sales conversation.


As an added bonus, you’ll also get the book, Compelling Selling, which contains the exact words you can use to connect quickly and authentically with all types of buyers, secure their buy-in, and get greater success.

Click the button below so you can attend the workshop and get all the bonuses, for just $25.

I can’t wait to share these strategies that will give you the winning edge in increasing sales without being sale-z.

Click the button below, while you’re still on this page and thinking about it. You owe it to yourself. I can’t wait to see you at the workshop.

To your sales success, it’s Dr. Nancy Zare.

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