What We Do

No rapport. No sales. Know rapport. Know sales.

Rapport Builderz partners deeply with you to quickly recognize and relate to prospects to accomplish more than you could imagine. The AlikeAbility™ System is designed to help you develop real rapport that result in real sales. With over 20 years experience, we can help you tackle virtually any sales challenge in business verticals from accounting and finance to real estate and coaching. We specialize in a holistic collaborative innovation but we can jump in anywhere to help you drive quick wins.

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How we see ourselves isn’t always how others see us. Truly understanding our personalities and how we are perceived can spell the difference between massive success and mediocre results. Our AlikeAbility™ Assessments and detailed follow-up 


Is each of your associates considered a Rainmaker? Chances are no. Yet, for a business to be successful, every employee represents your brand and image – whether they are consciously aware of this fact or not, 



Communication is a universal skill needed by every person. Rapport Builderz specializes in providing Speaking topics that improve communication skills and thereby enhance team building and productivity.



Develop the one skill that can have the biggest impact. Learn to build rapport quickly and authentically using a 5-step system called AlikeAbility™. People do business with those they know, like and trust.



Like entertainers and athletes, people who must grow their client base benefit from expert consultation. Rapport Builderz makes it easy to work individually with a Consultant whether in person or via telephone.