Since boyhood, Louis was driven to succeed. He defined success as the freedom to do the things he wanted, when he wanted, with the people he loved. He envisioned owning a sports car, an apartment in the city and a house in the country, and having the time to golf weekly. Although ambitious, he cared passionately about helping others and cultivating relationships. He was hard-working and threw himself 100% into every activity whether academic or athletic. However, he would quickly learn that not every person shares his values and acts accordingly.

Cold Calls: 25 in the AM, 25 in the PM

Upon graduation from college, he took a position selling commercial insurance excited by the opportunity to develop a book of business that would pay him each year. He knew only one way to prospect – make cold calls: 25 in the morning and 25 in the afternoon. He followed up mailing a brochure. These efforts netted him some small companies that Louis served meticulously. True to his values, he nurtured these relationships.

His Big Opportunity

He thought his big break came when, after 12 such mailings the president of a large company opened it and, upon recognizing one of the agents pictured in the brochure, asked for a meeting. The agent had been with the insurance firm for over 20 years and was skilled at closing sales. What this individual lacked, however, was the drive to prospect.

His Big Disappointment

So he invited Louis to the initial sales presentation and told him that they would split the commission 50-50. Because the company had over 200 employees, the commission would be very handsome. Every week Louis talked to the agent and each time was told that things were in process. However, the individual failed to keep his word and took complete credit for the sale. To make matters worse, during his annual review, the owner of the insurance firm never acknowledged Louis for what he had contributed. His values had been violated.

His Big Success

Disappointed by how he was treated, Louis launched his own insurance agency. Many of the small companies who had been his customers followed him. Today he continues to employ the principles that brought him success: daily prospecting, excellent customer service, and honoring one’s word. Happily, he owns a sports car, a home in the county, and enjoys playing golf at least once a week.

Daily Coaching

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About Dr. Nancy Zare

A psychologist and retired professor, Dr. Nancy Zare has dedicated her life to helping people communicate more effectively. From her experience in both business to business and business to consumer sales, Nancy founded Rapport Builderz in 2012. It provides training, coaching, and consultation for selling professional services.

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