Who is better in sales, Debby or Lester?

Debby embraces every person she meets. She bestows this favor on family and friends as well as people she just meets. Happily, she rarely experiences any push-back because she knows and attracts her ideal clients.

Debby fashioned her marketing strategy and materials to capture the interest of certain prospects. Since she prefers people who are outgoing and energetic, she chose bright colors for her website and brochures. Her outfits are similarly bold featuring highly saturated hues and jewelry that makes a statement. With a warm, engaging smile and hearty “Hello”, anyone who is introduced to Debby quickly figures out what kind of person she is. It works!

180 Degrees Different

On the other hand, Lester’s personality style is 180 degrees opposite to Debby. He prefers a cerebral connection. When greeted he doesn’t offer a hand and is shy about looking the other person squarely in the eyes. Instead, he asks a question and pays close attention to the answer. He appreciates individuals who enjoy deep conversations and can discuss meaty topics.

Lester wears conservative clothing choosing a white shirt, sports jacket, and trousers. In fact, it’s sort of like a uniform. His quiet, reserved manner broadcasts his intent to seek out like-minded individuals, which he skillfully does.

Lester has no brochure. He reasoned that such marketing pieces are superficial and lack content. Rather, he has a simple website filled with thoughtful articles and references. Although monochromatic, it serves the purpose and engages well with his target market of people in science, technology, and invention.

Play to Your Strengths

So which salesperson is more successful? Every personality style has its assets and liabilities. The trick is to know who you are and play to your strengths. When your marketing materials, clothing, and behavior are aligned, you’ll attract more of your ideal clients and close sales.