Ultimate AlikeAbility™ Sales Bundle

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My loss. Your Gain!

In the last 6 months, I renamed the 4 Buying styles from the AlikeAbility™ Sales System. ALL my BEST STUFF (videos, podcasts, reports, tip sheets) is out-of-date. YIKES!

I’m emptying the Vault and YOU get to BENEFIT.

It contains everything you need to identify the 4 Buying Styles by noticing one of 6 clues, and saying the right words to BUILD RAPPORT AND MAKE THE SALE.

Save 94% off My Ultimate AlikeAbility™ Sales Bundle.

Get 11 Educational Resources -- Videos, Podcasts, Workbooks, Worksheets -- for the price of one. Valued at $1720 for One payment of $97.

Closing More Sales

-- Explore how in 5 Easy Steps You Can Master Sales Success ($250 value)

AlikeAbility™ Sales Scorecard Report

-- Identify your dominant way to communicate and sell; and receive a personalized interpretation and specific suggestions for enhancing your sales skills ($425 value)

Selling With Style

-- Know what your prospects want you to say so they can decide “YES!” ($500 Value)

The Secret of Top Producers

-- Get HIRED easily when you apply the Secret of Top Producers ($100 value)

Sales Tips and Techniques

-- Short, pointed Guidelines for Getting Clients to Listen ($100 value)

Follow Up FUN-damentals

-- Make the sale even when the client has to think it over ($100 value)

Send Cards with Style

-- Select the right card and message for each Buying Style -- Guaranteed to get 100% open rate ($100 value)

Cheat Card

-- Summary of values, characteristics of the 4 Buying Styles, and tips for how to close the sale on one convenient postcard ($25 value)

4 Magical Questions

-- Ask the exact question that gets prospects to say "YES!” ($50 value)

Words That Sell with Style

-- Know how the AlikeAbility(™) System works and get the exact words to Connect quickly and authentically with each of the 4 buying styles ($20 value)

Selling Is a Shoe-In

-- Make sales just by looking at your prospect’s footwear ($50 value)

$1720 in Educational Resources

Just ONE Payment of $97. Pay for 1 Resource and get 10 FREE!
94% Discount