Is each of your sales associates and account executives considered a Rainmaker? Maybe the CEO or Head of Business Development is feeling a little stale and in need of a reboot.

For a business to be successful, every person in your organization who represents your brand and image – whether they are consciously aware of this fact or not, regardless of the individual’s position – is in the position of selling, including Marketing, Customer Success, Customer Support.

Imagine how gaining a deeper understanding of how the four personality types in the L.E.N.S. can inform how everyone interacts with prospects as well as existing customers. Extend that to incorporating the 5-step AlikeAbility™ System, the foundation for being perceived as “Alike” into your company culture.

Dr. Zare is available for engagements for corporate on-site training, one-on-one training, as well as via phone and online webinars.

Your presentation made quite an impact on the agents. . . Thanks, you were terrific.

Just wanted to thank you for your EXCELLENT presentation at our sales meeting yesterday. Our agents got a lot of great information on your AlikeAbility profile and the 4 main styles and how best to engage with them. This information is so valuable when we are trying to make a strong connection with our customers and clients.

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