Do you recall the message about Active Listening? Have you tried to tune your ears to hear the pace of the speaker? Here’s a second way to build rapport and connect authentically with prospects to close more sales.

As an active listener, observe the speaker’s inflection. Some people speak in a monotone and have very little change in their pitch. Others practically sing their words, drawing out some syllables and prolong vowel sounds. Another set of individuals have clipped speech. They answer with one word or use acronyms. Still other people speak in short bursts while different people sound like news reporters, well-paced, well-pitched and modulated.

Most people have a particular way of speaking and don’t vary it. However, to build rapport, practice matching the inflection of your prospect. Because when you do, the other individual will perceive you as being alike. Consequently, they will be more receptive to tune into your message.
Let me know how this exercise works for you. Make it a game and have fun with it. As you continue to both observe and practice, you’ll be learning the skills for building rapport and creating authentic relationships that lead to closing more sales.

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