Every personality style has its assets and deficits. Because most people sell the way they buy, they are often blind to their myopia. Their Achilles’ Heel is their inability to see through the lens of their prospects They expect potential clients to adjust to them, then blame external conditions rather than taking responsibility for their results

Monica’s Perfectionism

Monica was discouraged with her sales performance and unsure what the problem was. She was fastidious in every way. Working from home, she kept her belongings neat and well organized. She prided herself on knowing exactly where documents resided and could quickly find the exact item needed. Her professionalism was impeccable. Always on time for appointments, which meant at least 15 minutes early, she greeted prospects with a firm handshake, direct eye contact, a smile, and a ready question or comment about the day’s events. She did everything by the book, not missing a step or deadline.

She loved her work selling insurance. Yet, Monica was highly annoyed with the behavior of some of the people she met, although she wouldn’t dream of telling them so. Her chief challenge was dealing with prospects who were late, impatient, loud, and impetuous. She cringed when interrupted. She also had little tolerance for those individuals who exaggerated or boasted, plus, she disliked the ones prone to chitchat. She preferred people like herself who were mannerly, thoughtful, and focused on the task

Aaron’s Intelligence

Aaron was bright beyond his years. He loved statistics and technology. Secondarily, he was quite ambitious. So, he felt an immediate attraction for selling insurance. He devoured the product information his company provided, and in short time he was licensed and studying for his next credential

As intelligent as he was, Aaron lacked insight. Although he followed the system suggested by his manager, he was failing to get appointments. No one doubted his persistence and eagerness. Perhaps his outgoing voice mail message provided a clue. It stated: “Leave your information at the tone and when it’s practical, I’ll get back to you.” Logically, he had no answer for his meager commissions.

Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is characteristic of all accomplished sales professionals. Beyond product knowledge, they seek information on how they interact with others. Putting prospects first, they have learned how to identify and match personality styles. Once this skill is acquired, they easily overcome their Achilles’ Heel and close more sales

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach business owners and sales professionals how to read buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary AlikeAbility™ Assessment so that you can become aware of your Achilles’ Heel. Contact her to receive your copy.