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  • Descriptions of 4 Buying Styles

  • Values of each Buyer

  • How each Buyer makes decisions

  • How to identify each Buyer by their

    • Appearance

    • Speech

    • Writing

    • Behaviors

    • Presence on Social Media

  • Application to your current prospects and clients

Weekly LIVE Small Group Coaching Sessions where I answer ALL your questions. (Value: $900)

EXTRA Week of LIVE Training where I discuss application and your next step (Value: $200)

AlikeAbility(™) ScoreCard, Report and Consultation to identify your sales approach, its strengths and weaknesses; and personalized interpretation and suggestions for closing sales. (Value: $350)

Q-cards that summarize the characteristics of the 4 Buying Styles so you know at a glance your prospect’s style and how they buy. (Value: Priceless!)

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Dr. Nancy Zare is an international, best-selling author. She holds an MSW in Organizational Planning and Development and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Organizational Development from Boston College. For more than 10 years she taught an accelerated program on Entrepreneurial Practice, Leadership, Organizational Development, Public Speaking, and Research Methods, both in the US and Sweden. She has studied successful sales professionals and knows exactly why they excel. More importantly, she can teach it to you!
Nancy is the Founder of Rapport Builderz and past president of the National Speakers Association of New England. She has the gift of taking complex information and simplifying it by finding the nuggets and presenting them with clarity and pizazz. She originated The AlikeAbility™ System to help people sell professional services.
A former professor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Nancy is certified in sales training and adult learning. She is the author of Workplace Hostility: Myth and Reality; and Introduction to the AlikeAbility™ System, plus numerous published articles. She is a devoted student of 12-step recovery and spirituality.