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HTML Form Method

Because you have the “Ease of Use” option selected, you can use your own HTML form instead of ours. The form below uses this HTML:

Form<br />

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Note: if you would like to remove or change the border or change the background color, change the contents of the top

HTML tag.

Note: the target=”_blank” in the code above will launch the form in a new window. If you want it to open in the same window, remove that.

Related to having the target=”_blank” removed, if you are keeping the user in the same browser tab (removing that target=”_blank”), you can determine if you want the form to do a browser “Back” in case of an error when filling out a form. To do this, include the following HTML in your form:

This will ONLY work if the target=”_blank” has been removed from the form, meaning that when the form is filled out, it will NOT open a new tab or window in the browser.