“I’m just an employee.”

“I’m just a representative.”

“I’m just the sales person.”

Perhaps you’ve heard them uttered by someone you know. Whatever the circumstances, the message is one of passivity and weakness. It conveys the idea that things are out of their control and not subject to their intervention. It dodges responsibility.

Brie is someone who speaks these words regularly. She believes that her work performance is regulated by company and management dictates. However skilled she is in her trade, she bows to another person’s definition of what the task is and how it should be done. She may complain behind-the-scenes to co-workers, colleagues, and family members about the limitations placed on her and the poor consequences that result, but she’s certain that the blame falls to those “above” who won’t let her do otherwise.

Who Is Responsible?

It’s an excuse.

It’s a story.

It’s a lie.

Brie is responsible, although she doesn’t think so. She’s convinced that the training she received on how to make sales presentations restrains her from going outside the box. She follows the rules and says the “right” things. It’s not her fault that the sale went south. When her manager reviews her progress, Brie can state confidently that she performed as she was supposed to.

Is this the sort of employee you want representing your brand?

Has the company set itself up for mediocre results?

Empower Sales People

Asking sales people to think, use judgment, and discern requires a different approach to training. Successful selling is more than product knowledge. It’s about building rapport and long-term profitable relationships with customers. It’s about imbuing Brie with a changed mindset that empowers her to own her results.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach service-based sales professionals how to read buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary video, “If the Shoe Fits” that helps you identify your prospect’s buying style from the shoes they wear. Message her to receive your copy.