Those who knew Lynn well might question whether she had a backbone. She rarely stood up for herself. She was extremely accommodating with other people, often at her own expense. Consequently, as an entrepreneur and solo business owner, she struggled to make a living. She brought that same quality to her business and it suffered financially.

Sour Taste

A recent example was when Peggy asked her to do some work. Lynn quoted her price and quickly backed down when Peggy protested the cost. Lynn reasoned that by giving a discount on that occasion that she would be hired and receive more work in the future. However this analysis failed to take into account that Peggy didn’t have the same understanding and value system as she did. Consequently, on the next occasion, Peggy started with the lesser price and was prepared to negotiate downward from there. It left a sour taste in Lynn’s mouth and flavored other interactions.

Self Analysis

Her desire to improve her financial condition prompted Lynn to examine her shortcomings and make a change. As a sales person, she disliked asking for business. She saw her tendency to fold during negotiations because she focused on keeping the peace and preserving the relationship. While these qualities have value, they were getting in the way of her making a living.


The moment of triumph came when Peggy’s partner contacted Lynn for a small job. At first Lynn felt disappointment that her services were being under-valued and she thought to turn down the work altogether. Yet her need for revenue-generating activities won out. So Lynn quoted a price based on a minimum charge. Much to her surprise, the partner accepted it, and after experiencing the results, hired her for a much bigger job. It was clear evidence to Lynn that standing in her power closed more sales.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

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