Communication is a universal skill needed by every person. Rapport Builderz specializes in providing Speaking topics that improve communication skills and thereby enhance team building and productivity.

Do you know someone you consider “difficult”? You know exactly why this person and others like them rub you the wrong way. Perhaps it’s because you felt bullied or belittled. Maybe it was because the individual was indecisive and rarely came to a conclusion. Other difficult behaviors include rigidity and fault finding.

Nancy was a recent guest on my podcast (soon to be published)  and I was very impressed with her analysis of the different buyer types and how to adjust your pitch to fit the buyer type.  Her advice helped me close 3 clients recently.

Elaine Slatter

Podcast Host

Succeeding with Difficult People

Succeeding with Difficult People is one of the most frequently requested Speaking topics offered by Rapport Builderz. Audiences love to be entertained as well as educated. They appreciate Speaking engagements that give them useful information that they can apply immediately. Succeeding with Difficult People will leave participants buzzing with enthusiasm and relishing their next encounter with
the colleague that they labeled difficult.

A recent addition to our Speaking repertoire is the presentation, You’ve Got Style! Have you ever said something and immediately noticed that the other person’s eyes glazed over or looked away, and their voice trailed off? What happened that broke the connection? You’ve Got Style explains how everyone has a dominant personality style, which is how they tend to relate to other people. Participants learn how to identify each person’s a set of values, preferences, and mannerisms that distinguish them from other individuals, and how they can form better relationships regardless of style.

Raise Your AlikeAbility™ has been designed specifically for sales professionals and entrepreneurs. Because people do business with those they know, like, and trust, the secret to building rapport is creating the perception of being “alike” the other individual. Raise Your AlikeAbility™ reveals how participants can position themselves to come across as being alike their prospects.

Dr. Nancy Zare, founder and CEO of Rapport Builderz, is past president of the National Speakers Association of New England. She’s certified in Accelerated Learning through Peak Potentials. Her skills in creating an interactive, upbeat atmosphere bring accolades to meeting planners. Whether in a business situation or personal encounter, everyone benefits from learning new approaches for effective communication, raising their AlikeAbility, building rapport.

Speaking programs can be adapted to audiences that range from 25 to 1000 people. The format can be as short as 20 minutes for a luncheon presentation, or as long as 60 minutes.

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