It broke Doreen’s heart when her client told her he was disappointed with the job she did. No one likes to receive negative feedback and she was sure it was undeserved. She had done everything possible to please him. So she was surprised and baffled by his report.

The Situation

Doreen staged his home, a large 4-bedroom, 3 bath attached townhouse that his real estate agency predicted would fetch no more than $640,000. He insisted that it be priced much higher, especially in view of the money he invested in having it professionally furnished and decorated.

As a result of Doreen’s work, the second person who viewed the property made an offer, and it sold quickly for $35,000 more than asking price. He experienced a 5000% ROI! Shouldn’t that make him happy? Shouldn’t that make him extol her virtues as a professional home stager? Shouldn’t she be given a positive endorsement?

The Interpretation

Instead, Doreen heard him complain. He was unhappy that there wasn’t enough time for photos of his estate to adorn Facebook or Pinterest so that people could exclaim at the beauty of his house. He wanted more personal credit and attention for his property.

Clearly, Doreen’s goals and her clients were not in alignment. She valued profit, efficiency, and competence. He valued recognition, status, and, and attentiveness. To make more sales, you need to speak the proper words — the ones that resonate with your prospect. If Doreen were to adjust her approach, she’d win her client’s approval and acquire a raving fan.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A psychologist and retired professor, Dr. Nancy Zare has dedicated her life to helping people communicate more effectively. She has over 25 years of experience in both business to business and business to consumer sales. She founded Rapport Builderz to teach professionals like attorneys, CPAs, and wealth advisers, how to build trust rapidly and authentically to acquire clients.

Understanding that many entrepreneurs and independent sales reps put off doing marketing activities consistently, Nancy now provides a coaching program that offers structure, support, and accountability online as an affordable way to keep on track and develop daily success habits. Ask for a complimentary evaluation to determine if this service can benefit you.