Myron values relationships over transactions. Consequently, he feels uncomfortable steering a conversation or influencing other people lest he be accused of being pushy and aggressive. He acquired this mindset from his upbringing and it was reinforced through personal experience. As a result, he’s severely handicapped when it comes to talking about money or asking for a sale.

Although Myron is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, he’s struggling financially. His consulting business is sputtering. To survive, let alone thrive, he needs to push beyond his comfort zone and learn to sell.


Myron projects this uneasiness about selling onto every person he meets. Even when someone asks directly for help, he thoughtfully formulates his words so they don’t sound like a declaration or imposition. Realistically he has no way to control how people hear or interpret his message. Nevertheless, he works extra hard to be seen as informative and supportive rather than as slick and manipulative.

[Note Myron’s black and white thinking. He classifies selling behavior as either passive or aggressive. He’s blind to see other dimensions.]


Myron’s projection is blocking his success. His first step is recognizing the limitations of his thinking, namely his assumption that all people view the world the way he does. Just for a moment, he suspends these thoughts.

Next, he aligns himself with his potential clients. To accomplish this, he asks how they think:

  • What do my prospects need and want?
  • How do they process and make buying decisions?
  • How do I present information that coincides with the way they think?

Just this simple shift in seeing sales through the lens of the other person makes a subtle yet powerful improvement in one’s ability to sell. The result? Myron attracts more business and earns more money.

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