Eddie made a choice early in life, which has served him well as an adult. While still in high school he was told by his guidance counselor that his personality profile matched several career paths including a doctor, lawyer and accountant. While he thought he could be a good doctor or lawyer, he knew he had what it took to be a great accountant. So he selected a business college where he could learn this profession and continue for graduate training.

A CPA who makes on-site visits

Now a CPA, Eddie enjoys interacting with his business clients. He has cultivated a system of checking with them 2-3 times a year, not just tax season. Every year he visits them at work where he gains a better understanding of their business challenges and processes. As a result he’s in an excellent position to give them expert advice on their financial activities. Simultaneously, this low-key strategy also cements relationships with his clients so that his retention rate is 98%.

To keep up with his credentials, Eddie spends more than 100 hours in pursuit of continuing education. He thoroughly enjoys attending lectures by experts in the field. When he hears information that contradicts his usual practice, he immediately thinks that he must be doing something wrong. So it surprises him when other audience members rebut the presenter and defend a different way.

Mentoring gratifies him

In keeping with his personality type, Eddie enjoys mentoring and training younger associates. He was pleased that over 300 colleagues attended a webinar he recently gave, which was a distillation of several presentations from the national convention. At the same time, he was grateful that only 20 or so colleagues from his own location were physically present because he hates taking center stage and would have been tongue-tied talking to such a large group.

He places integrity above sales

Eddie is a man of integrity. Although it is expected of him to network and bring in new business, he is candid in telling a prospect the “truth”, even if that means losing the person as a client. He may state that the current tax preparation is adequate and less costly than engaging his firm. He truly cares about people and seeks what is best for them, not for his agency.

If you’re a student of buying styles, it’s evident that Eddie is a combination of Planner and Friendship-Seeker. You can predict that he will be conscientious, dedicated, professional, personable, even-tempered, and a loyal employee and family man. He probably drives a budget-friendly vehicle, lives in a modest single-family home, and buys his suits off the racks. Chances are he attends all his children’s school events and may even coach little league or soccer. Look for him at the Rotary meeting raising funds for a charitable cause. He’s steady Eddie who wins at the selling game by using no pressure, high emotion, or manipulation. He simply follows a proven system and puts people above numbers.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

Nancy, a retired professor and student of psychology, is the originator of the AlikeAbility™ System that teaches sales professionals and business owners how to size up their prospects so that they know exactly what to say to build rapport and turn them into paying customers. She believes that when prospects perceive you as being alike them, their resistance goes down, interest goes up, and the potential for doing business together exists. Bottom line: No rapport, no sales. Know rapport, know sales.

Nancy would love to hear from you and is always up for a strategy conversation, analyzing your prospect’s buying style, or even idea swapping. You can contact Nancy at nancy@rapportbuilderz.com.

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