Selling By Numbers
How to Size up Your Prospect's Buying Style,
Speak their Language,
Get Business Easily

-- If you’re curious about how people make buying decisions . . .

-- If you’ve heard about the 4 Buying Styles . . .Who they are, what they want, how you sell to them, and the number of contacts they require before they say “YES!”

-- If you want to get inside the mind of your prospects and convert them easily and effortlessly into clients . . .

With this course, you’re on your way to selling with confidence and getting fully booked Starting Today.

I am thrilled to have taken Selling by Numbers and having the opportunity to see Nancy Zare teaching this magnificent course!

My objectives were to learn more about the different types of people and how to approach different prospects.

In the past I've been talking to everyone the same way and Nancy's clever approach has not only taught me that there are 4 distinct types of people but there are also some cross-overs, how to identify them, speak to them and create massive success in your business. I have also tested this on some people and it works like a charm.

If someone was on the borderline of whether to take it, I would say, Nancy's course is worth its weight in gold and she will accelerate your way of observing, approaching, conveying, speaking and acting in front of not only your prospects but even your friends & intimate relationships. You will have a great in depth knowledge into the human psyche!

YOU get a TON of Tips, Tricks, and Techniques at a special discount! 

✅ 3 x 60-minute Live Training Sessions with Workbook on the AlikeAbility™  Sales System. This is the guts of how to identify prospects and use the right words to build rapport and make the sale.   (Value : $1200)

  • 🔘 Description of 4 Buying Styles

  • 🔘 Values of each Buyer

  • 🔘 How each Buyer makes decisions

  • 🔘 How to identify each buyer how they

      • * Look

      • * Talk

      • * Write

      • * Behavior

      • * Post on Social Media

  • 🔘 Application to your current prospects and clients

✅  Weekly LIVE Small Group Coaching Sessions where I answer ALL your questions.  Bring the names of prospects you're working on and I'll coach you on what to say and do. ( Value $900)

✅  EXTRA Week of LIVE  Training where I discuss the application and your next step. Have a plan of action for how to convert prospects quickly to paying clients.           (Value : $200)

✅  AlikeAbility™ ScoreCard, Report, and Consultation to identify your sales approach, its strengths and weaknesses; understand how your buyer thinks about making buying decisions; and personalized interpretation and suggestions for closing sales. (Value : $350)

✅  Q-cards that summarize the characteristics of the 4 Buying Styles so you know at a glance your prospect's style and how they buy. ( Value: Priceless)

Here’s what Chris said about the program. 

“I have been taking Dr. Nancy’s course and it has helped me tremendously hone my sales skills. I feel so much more confident in my ability to engage those I talk with, identify different styles of buyers, and how I approach each sale. I highly recommend her course to anyone who is looking for a really fun and unique sales program.”  

$1200 Course + $2100 in Bonuses = $3300

Buy now for only $299

Dr. Nancy Zare is an international, best-selling author. She holds an MSW in Organizational Planning and Development and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Organizational Development from Boston College. For more than 10 years she taught an accelerated program on Entrepreneurial Practice, Leadership, Organizational Development, Public Speaking, and Research Methods, both in the US and Sweden. She has studied successful sales professionals and knows exactly why they excel. More importantly, she can teach it to you!
Nancy is the Founder of Rapport Builderz and past president of the National Speakers Association of New England. She has the gift of taking complex information and simplifying it by finding the nuggets and presenting them with clarity and pizazz. She originated The AlikeAbility™ System to help people sell professional services.
A former professor turned entrepreneur, Dr. Nancy is certified in sales training and adult learning. She is the author of Workplace Hostility: Myth and Reality; and Introduction to the AlikeAbility™ System, plus numerous published articles. She is a devoted student of 12-step recovery and spirituality.