Jessica made big changes this past year by getting her real estate license and affiliating with a local company. Imagine her excitement when a few months ago she got her first opportunity to represent a seller, a couple undergoing divorce. Each has an attorney and all parties agreed that even before the divorce is consummated, the sale of the marital abode would remove a significant financial obligation from the pair.

Jessica rose quickly to the task and found a buyer. The sale price was set and the paperwork signed. Then the buyer asked for a date modification. Verbally everyone agreed; however, for legal reasons each person’s initials were required. That’s where things broke down.

Whose Personality Style?

When Jessica called, she exclaimed that there were too many “personalities” in this situation and she had no idea how to save the sale. Despite repeated attempts to get the written go-ahead from the wife, all she received was assurances from the wife’s lawyer that “it was all set,” and “in the mail.” Now the buyers were ready to walk away, reminding her that there were two similar houses for sale on the same block as this one. What to do?

Knowing people’s personality styles is useful not only in developing rapport but also retaining clients – and deals! Jessica realized that the sticking point was the wife. What was her code? Jessica barely knew the husband, who hired her, and knew the wife even less. However, in reflecting back on her contacts, she concluded that the wife’s dominant style is Nurturing.

Nurturing people care deeply about relationships and often sacrifice themselves to serve others. They tend to be sensitive and often get their feelings hurt. They fail to be assertive. Jessica had heard that the wife was couch hopping and had no permanent address. Given this information, chances are the wife feels betrayed, a common experience for Nurturers. Now that she has an attorney advocating for her, the wife can exercise her power and “get back” at her soon-to-be ex-mate.

Match Personality Styles to Save the Sale

Armed with this understanding, Jessica called the wife and opened the conversation by offering empathy and a listening ear. She spoke the language of the Nurturing Style. Sure enough, the wife readily connected and the relationship grew into a quasi-friendship. From that vantage point, Jessica offered the woman a suggestion urging her to get rid of the additional stress of mortgage payments by moving forward quickly on the sale of the property. The wife consented and they arranged within the hour for Jessica to come by with the paperwork. Happily, for all parties, the deal was saved!

When you speak the language of your prospect, the essence of AlikeAbility™, you’ll build rapport, make more deals, and save the sale.

About Dr. Nancy Zare
A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach business owners and sales professionals how to read personality styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary Tip Sheet for Leveraging Holiday Networking Events to Make More Sales. Contact her at to receive your copy by email.