Immediately upon graduation, Sam was recruited by a family friend to sell insurance. The company provided him with excellent training and it opened up an opportunity to make a career of it. As a result, he is now studying for several exams that will position him as a Certified Financial Planner. In the interim, he follows the instructions that his company recommends, making lots of phone calls, booking appointments, and taking along a licensed agent as needed.

Sam realized that when he is confident and makes his prospects feel comfortable, they drop their sales resistance. Consequently, the probability of doing business together goes up. Because he has a strong caring nature, is a person who plays by the rules, and appreciates good orderly direction, most of the people he meets have similar traits. He tends to shy away from people who are highly energetic, creative types because he thinks he lacks the ability to bond with them. Then he met Gary.

Gary is a videographer and producer who admits to having severe ADD. He bounces from project to project giving it his full attention in short bursts until the next adventure arises. Always in a hurry, he breaks conventions and does things on the fly. He lives life on the edge.

Sam met Gary on a shoot for a documentary on careers. When Sam learned that Gary was a single dad with a 5-year-old daughter, he thought to approach Gary about life insurance needs. Yet, Gary wasn’t easy to pin down to hear a formal presentation on insurance options. How should Sam proceed?

Sam reviewed what he knew about Action personality types. He formulated his strategy. When he saw Gary the following week to preview the video, Sam executive his plan. In less than an hour, Gary had signed the paperwork and was going forward with a policy. Sam was astonished as this was the first time he sold a policy before listing the appointment on the company docket. Excited and thrilled, Sam exclaimed, “This is my best sale ever!” When asked to explain he replied, “Because it shows that when I match people’s buying style, it’s a win-win situation.”