“I hate when I’m assigned to work with her. I can’t depend on her to do anything.”
“It’s so frustrating to explain myself repeatedly to him. Why can’t he get it right the first time?”
“I’m so angry that I could quit this job on the spot!”

Whenever you supervise two or more workers, notice that one is always late, and one has an attitude. As managers, you mistakenly think that adults should behave in a grown-up way. Instead, you are disappointed and frustrated. What’s the problem?

Managing Personality Styles

Some personality styles are bound to clash. For example, consider the person who is highly competitive, driven to exceed quotas, enjoys doing things “his” way, hates completing paperwork and broils against directives. Pair him with the administrator who follows the rules, takes things seriously, and prefers the traditional approach and you can predict a blow-out on his part and a long, cold simmer on hers.

Another situation that is ripe for stress is the individual who is highly intellectual, very rational and logical, who requires endless research and documentation before getting started. Their caution can tax your patience.

To round out the group let’s also examine people who care so intensely about relationships that they have trouble discussing money or outright asking for the sale. They would rather give it away than risk rejection.

Being Responsible

While it is said that sales professionals can write their own ticket, what is often not said is the price a manager pays for their independence and free-wheeling spirit. The department’s performance is on the line, and you’re responsible. Knowing their personality type can help you realize that they are behaving true-to-style. It can also inform you how best to handle these challenges.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach business owners and sales professionals how to read buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary consultation. Contact her at nancy@RapportBuilderz.com.