Selling insurance can be lucrative if you have the right skills and mindset.

Rolando was recruited directly from college to represent a well-known, national firm. He was excited by the opportunity to get training and launch his career. He eagerly absorbed the information presented at work and spent additional hours studying during his leisure time. He set goals to obtain certain licenses and certifications over the next few years.

Beyond Product Information

Because he was open to learning his trade, Rolando engaged an outside coach. He heard that the most successful sales professionals have acquired the ability to shift themselves to match their prospects’ buying styles. So he put this principle to a test.

Match Your Prospect

Ashley was an “orphan” in that the agent who sold her an insurance policy no longer was with the company. Rolando reached out and made an appointment to meet. Having done his homework, he knew that Ashley was conservative. To match her with authenticity, he put himself in her shoes and shopped policies with that value in mind.

Throughout the initial face-to-face meeting, he emphasized low-risk choices that would secure her future. Rolando presented three options but discounted the first one as being too aggressive and risky. Instead, he suggested that she would derive more stability with the other plans. Repeatedly he used words and concepts based on her buying style that she could easily follow and embrace. He spoke her language.

Reflect their Values

Much to his delight, Ashley said that she appreciated his presentation and was inclined to exercise the second option. It was the first time, in Rolando’s memory, that he recalled having a client compliment him during the initial meeting and seemed so ready to buy. He returned to the office and sent her the information she required.

Shift into Success

When Rolando met with her the second time, Ashley had decided to go forward and he executed the paperwork.

As he reflected on acquiring this new client, he was pleased with how easy the transaction occurred. Moreover, he also had a plan for how to continue to work with her and ask for referrals. He felt deeply satisfied that he had served her well because he knew and incorporated her values and language throughout his interactions with her.

He had tangible evidence that the principle of matching your prospect authentically results in more sales.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach business owners and sales professionals how to match buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary AlikeAbility™ Assessment that includes the strengths and challenges of your selling style. Contact her at to receive your copy by email.