Increase Sales Volume With This Limited Time Offer 

Do you work in a sales-based position, such as a financial advisor, insurance agent, or attorney? Are you interested in learning how to increase your sales volume without coming across as too sale-z? Do you want to be able to provide for your clients while maintaining a level of authenticity? With Dr. Nancy Zare’s brand new accelerated course on sales, you can learn all you need to know about increasing sales with no heavy promotion, no hype, and no sales pressure. 

The Psychology of Buyers – Available For A Limited-Time Discount This Black Friday! 

Nancy Zare has heard the call of people who, like you, need guidance and counseling to learn how to effectively increase their sales. In response, Dr. Nancy Zare has developed a brand new course. Accelerate your skills with The Psychology of Buyers. 

When you sign up for The Psychology of Buyers, you’ll receive a ton of tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you identify your prospects and get new business. Over four one-hour sessions in just one quick month you’ll learn the following: 

  • How to understand the differences in how people make buying decisions. 
  • How to diagnose your prospects and understand how they buy. 
  • How to the inside scoop on how to identify Buying Styles when browsing social media. 


Courses take place over Zoom and will be available directly without limit. In addition to the four sessions that come with The Psychology Of Buyers course, you’ll also receive tons of bonus material, an accompanying workbook for easy note-taking, 3 Group coaching sessions for Q&A, and an assessment of your style to know yourself and your ideal prospects. 

The best part? This Black Friday, The Psychology of Buyers will be available for a limited-time incredibly steep discount! The Psychology of Buyers course will be available for an amazing 89% discount. Not only will you get four sessions with Dr. Nancy Zare for less than the price of one, but you’ll also receive $1750 in bonuses at no additional charge! 

All of this is available this Black Friday for just ONE payment of $250.  

Accelerate your learning and the application of your knowledge with help from Dr. Nancy Zare. When you know the buying style of your prospects, you can customize your sales conversation to match your prospect’s style. No need for heavy promotion of sales pressure – you can increase your sales and be authentic. 

The Psychology of Buyers course is a quick and efficient way to increase your sales. Get results fast when you learn to personalize your attention to each prospect. Make sales comfortably, with confidence and integrity.  

Act now! After this Black Friday Sale, The Psychology Buyers course will jump up to its regular value of $1999. Get the course for just one payment of $250 while the offer lasts! 

Dr. Nancy Zare Offers Coaching To Increase Sales 

Dr. Nancy Zare is eager to help those who are interested in increasing sales and growing their businesses. In addition to her MSW in Organizational Planning and Development and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Organizational Development from Boston College, Dr. Nancy Zare has a unique gift. She has the ability to simplify complex information to make the learning process easier. Are you ready to learn all you need to know about increasing sales in your business? Contact Dr. Nancy Zare today!    

Note to self: Pricing change 

  1. Saturday NOV 27th Price goes to $350 
  1. Tuesday NOV 30th goes to $1999 (normal price)