Lead Generation Formulas

Ditch Cold Calls. Build Warm Relationships. Get Business!

If you are like most entrepreneurs and small business ownes, one of your biggest challenges is generating and qualifying leads with people you don't yet know.

* Put aside your list of cold names. 

* Discard those automated messaging programs. 

* Retire those lead generation services. 

* Resign from high pressure selling.

Instead, seize the proven templates from Lead Generation Formulas,  make them your own, and see your business excel.

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Lead Generation Formulas


A Bit About Dr. Nancy Zare, Author of Compelling Selling

As a child I had no interest in becoming a salesperson. Instead, I focused on serving others who had personal and social problems. As an undergraduate I majored in psychology.
Because of this focus, I was assigned to work at the Alcohol Study Unit of Boston City Hospital where I participated in research on the nature of addiction. A few years later, I received a full scholarship from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism to pursue a master's degree. In this course of study, I learned to organize Employee Assistance Programs in the workplace, and upon graduation began to market and sell these services.
Ambitious to succeed, I read and listened to some of the great sales and motivational speakers: Zig Ziglar, Brian Tracy, Tom Hopkins, to name a few. I joined the National Speakers Association, and there I heard Tony Alessandro, author of the Platinum Rule. His approach aligned perfectly with my values and later, this concept has become the foundation of the AlikeAbility(™) System.
During this time, I met Mary Pekas and invited her to present to the New England chapter when I was president. Instantly I embraced the Conversational Soft Sell™ approach. I was impressed with her research and recommendations.
Shortly thereafter, I accepted a position at Springfield College and stopped direct selling activity.
Fast forward to 2012, I had retired young from teaching, and began to formulate the AlikeAbility(™) System. Quickly I realized that the research Mary had done years earlier complimented my work entirely. I reached out to her and together we have decided to combine our systems and share the resulting process, No Pressure Conversational Soft Selling™, with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are responsible for securing their own clients, and may feel nervous about self promotion. We know how important it is to apply these skills, because without success in sales, no one stays in business.
If you feel uncomfortable, awkward, even shy about selling your services and products, we wrote this book to you. 

A Bit About Mary Pekas, Founder of The Telemarketing Institute

I’ve spent over 50 years practicing, researching, and perfecting the art of telesales. While telephone sales are not as large a part of the sales landscape as they once were, I believe that mastering the art of what I call Conversational Soft Sell™ is critical to your business’ success.
Back in 1982, I founded the Telemarketing Institute, Inc. and developed textbooks to teach the concepts of telesales and teleservice. Our clients included Fortune 500 companies such as Honeywell, Northwestern Bell, General Electric, and Nielsen Market Research.
While telesales as a tool has changed enormously since then, the basic sales principles I laid out are as relevant as ever. In this book, I hope to share the Conversational Soft Selling™approach I’ve developed in my 50 years of telesales.
For years, I was hired to work with people to help them develop phone selling skills and help them overcome their dislike and anxiety surrounding making calls. I spent up to eight hours a day on the phone for almost 20 years, selling products, services, and booking appointments. I loved it! I developed a telesales system that places the emphasis on the human element. It’s built on a non-pressure, friendly style that integrates conversation and listening skills.

Get Lead Generation Formulas Now, just $9.99!

PLUS -- Receive a Gift Set of the Formulas

Lead Generation Formulas