People hate to be sold, but they love to buy. In making a decision to purchase a product or service, people fall into one of 4 major styles. The sales transaction is most successful when sellers assess, diagnose, and match the buyer’s style. Let’s examine these 4 types of buyers.

First is the person who is impulsive, spontaneous, even flamboyant in making a purchase – the Action Buyer. These individuals exude animation, energy, and enthusiasm. They make quick decisions and are brand sensitive. Buying things gives them a sense of power, and they enjoy the attention they receive during the transaction and when they display it or tell others of their exploits. Action Buyers often have no budget and are easily upsold because they want “the best”. The dominant emotion is excitement and for them, buying is a fun experience.

The second kind of buyer is much more conservative. Blueprint Buyers arrive at the sale with a budget firmly in mind. They like quality as long as it’s available at an economical price. They buy what they need, not always what they want. They may put off the purchase until they have enough saved. They arrive at the venue with a list of requirements. They absorb every detail and will read the fine print to make sure what they are buying. Because they dislike risk and unpredictability, a guarantee helps Blueprint Buyers go forward. For them, buying is a serious business.

The third type of buyer is focused on the relationship. Nurturing Buyers want to connect with the seller and the company behind the product or service. It’s essential for them to inquire about the seller’s family and life experience and they are delighted when it is reciprocated. Because they eagerly embrace causes, they appreciate knowing the values behind the company and are swayed if a portion of the sale goes to charity. On the other hand, if they feel like a transaction, the sale is lost. If sellers prove themselves to be authentic and genuine, Nurturing Buyers develop trust, accepting the seller’s “word for it”. For them, the buying experience is all about making a friend.

The last kind of buyer is informed, logical, and rational. Emotions are unwelcome for Knowledge Buyers. They have surfed the net prior to arriving in front of the seller and often ask a series of pointed questions. Demonstrate mastery to win their respect, because Knowledge Buyers are quick to judge expertise and will walk if disappointed. They appreciate written material, especially reports, articles, and books backed by scientific proof. They have to know everything before they can decide, and often can’t move forward because new information is always being generated. Of all the buyers, when they say, “I have to think it over”, they truly mean that they have to think it over. Knowledge Buyers want a smart buy.

Once you diagnose your buyer’s preferred style, present the product or service from that viewpoint. When you do, you’ll build rapport and make the sale.