Look at all these leads
My precious, golden leads
I got from an event
Or the internet
I’m eager to call these leads.

These leads are very hot.
Will they like my service or not?
In each situation
They’ll need information
I’d better do research a lot.

I plan to call these leads.
But I barely know them indeed.
And my desk is a mess.
So I must confess
When it’s clean I’ll call these leads.

I know I must call these leads.
It’s been days since getting these leads.
But I can’t find my phone
And I’m all alone
Tomorrow I’ll call these leads.

Why don’t I call these leads?
I’ve got to do the deed.
But I’m feeling tired
And not too inspired
To call back any leads.

Today’s the day to call.
Don’t let momentum fall.
Yet I’m feeling ick.
Maybe I’m sick.
I know it’s the wrong time to call.

Why can’t I call these leads?
My fortune is in these leads.
Yet paperwork beckons
Next week I reckon
Is when I’ll call these leads.

How do I make myself call?
I’ve really dropped the ball.
I’m smart, I’m clever,
I truly endeavor.
Still I find reasons to stall.

The answer to my woes
Get prospects more to close
Is join The Sales Club
Let Coach be the hub
My confidence now grows.

I’m calling every day
Just 10 minutes. I say
That truly there’s gold
In those leads that were cold.
So sweet is the BIG payday.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A psychologist and retired professor, Dr. Nancy Zare has dedicated her life to helping people communicate more effectively. She earned her masters and doctorate from Boston College and is past president of the National Speakers Association of New England. From her experience in both business to business and business to consumer sales, Nancy founded Rapport Builderz to teach people how to sell professional services by developing AlikeAbility(TM). The Rapport Builderz Sales Club is an online membership service that provides tracking, accountability, and support for people who could benefit from daily coaching. Contact her for a complimentary 7-day trial.