First and foremost, Derek is a businessman. He owns a franchise that provides care to elders so they can remain in their homes. He reasoned that filling the needs of the baby boom generation would be financially lucrative, and he works hard to make good that expectation. Would he make an ideal prospect for your product and service?

Derek gives freely of his time with clients, He holds hands, says encouraging words, and assists in personal care. Yet, he’s scrupulous when it comes to billing for his staff’s hours. His motive behind these actions is to make money. He has one focus: to build his business so that it provides a comfortable living for his family.

By-the-Book Individual

To meet Derek, you would easily judge him as a by-the-book person because he likes systems; hence he chooses a franchise. He appreciates having a step-by-step guide for every process in his business. He is precise and exact, and quick to note when other people fail to meet standards. When he offers criticism, he delivers it politely using soft tones and with slight inflection.

Derek dresses casually and unpretentiously. No high-end clothing, watch or accessories has he chosen. He drives a budget-friendly car, and his office furnishings are conservative and sparse. He exercises frugality in everything he does.

Excellent Candidate for Insurance

Derek is an excellent candidate for insurance products. His conservative nature and sense of duty to his family are key factors in why he values protection. Look for him at your next networking event, or listen carefully to your prospects until you find the one who speaks in full sentences and takes turns when talking.

Tips for Closing Him

Tips for doing business with Derek: Have a plan and come prepared. Arrive early. Let him know how he’ll benefit financially. Give him the paperwork to read and allow time for him to do so. Provide references as Derek wants to make sure that you and your company are tried and true. Be sure to ask for referrals. Although he may not wish to have his name used, he’ll be a good source as he tends to exert brand loyalty.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

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