Instantly they clicked. As CEO for a large, national chain of stores, Harold saw how her knowledge and skills could benefit his people. In talking with Gaylin, he got excited about the possibility of her visiting a few of his locations and providing feedback on their operation. Although she had never done this type of work before, she was intrigued because it would open a new direction for her business. They departed, having reached an agreement.

The next day Gaylin emailed Herald an outline of how she proposed to proceed. Days passed without his reply. She called and left a voice message. More time passed. She began to wonder if she had misunderstood his intentions. What could she do to close the deal? The answer: Match his style.

Match His Style

Herold, like many executives, had no time for details. Not much of a reader, he wanted to get things done rapidly and move to the next item. He lacked the discipline to wade through his inbox and compose responses. And he won’t telephone. The most effective way to communicate with him is via direct text message.

Having a better understanding of this style, Gaylin texted: “I can visit a store next Wednesday. Which one? Who is the manager?” Within 2 hours she received a reply and her new project was launched.

Act As If

Have you ever felt confident that a piece of business was yours on the first meeting? When you form an instant bond, it’s likely that one or both parties have Energizing personality styles. Don’t wait for a response. Act as if the deal were sealed. Communicate via texting. Take the lead and others are sure to follow.

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About Dr. Nancy Zare

Dr. Nancy Zare is a sales psychologist who teaches professionals how to get into the heads of their prospects, build rapport quickly and authentically, and close the deal. She has studied successful sales professionals and knows exactly why they excel. More importantly, she can teach it to you!