Dr. Nancy Zare Makes Learning How To Build Rapport Easy 

Do you work as a real estate agent or as a financial professional? Are you a coach or a consultant? Do you have your own small business? Do you know what all of these professions have in common? Each of these professions are professions in which it is important to build rapport with your client to close sales and grow your business. With the help of Dr. Nancy Zare, you can learn how to build rapport and increase sales easily. Learn more about rapport building today! 

Building Rapport Makes It Easier To Help Your Clients 

Working in sales can be difficult. Not only do you need to try to fulfill your client’s needs but you need to convince your client you are working in their best interest. Unfortunately, there are those who find salespeople untrustworthy. Think of the stereotypical character one might associate with a car salesman. In order to convince your client that you’re not just trying to push your product or service on them for the sake of making a sale, you need to gain their trust. 

How Do I Gain My Client’s Trust? 

The key to gaining trust with any client is to build rapport with them. Rapport is that connection you form with others that is based on understanding one another. It is a harmonious relationship. Sometimes, it happens instantly. It’s that feeling when you just “click” with someone. Unfortunately, in your job, you can’t rely on a spontaneous connection with your client. You have to know how to build rapport with them.  

Dr. Nancy Zare can help you do just that! Don’t wait – contact her today. 

Dr. Nancy Zare Offers Crucial Rapport Building Sales Training 

Dr. Nancy Zare is eager to help those who are interested in building rapport to grow their businesses. In addition to her MSW in Organizational Planning and Development and a Ph.D. in Social Work and Organizational Development from Boston College, Dr. Nancy Zare has a unique gift. She has the ability to simplify complex information to make the learning process easier. Are you ready to learn all you need to know about rapport building? Contact Dr. Nancy Zare today!