Bob and Irene are married and own a realty company. He is strong in planning, organizing, managing and budgeting. She’s a super sales star, great at schmoozing, negotiating, and closing the deal. They compliment each other well and make an outstanding team that has attracted many brokers and agents to their firm.

Ten years ago they entered the market to buy their own house. The planner knew exactly what they wanted and needed. Bob came prepared to the transaction with his list including their pre-approval letter. The action taker was free-wheeling and excited to find “THE” property that reflected their growing status and social station.

Knowing real estate as they did, neither Bob nor Irene was prepared to settle. They were determined to find the right home, at the right price, in the right community, with the right amenities. As a result, years passed without their agreeing on the house. Finally their patience was rewarded and they both knew simultaneously: “This was the ONE!”

Suddenly their buying personalities flipped. Bob was red hot to buy – NOW! Irene became reserved, business-like, and cool. Couples often adjust their styles in juxtaposition to the other person. In the office, they remained Mr. Blueprint and Ms. Action. On their house-buying venture, they became Mr. Action and Ms. Blueprint.

The story has a happy ending as they did purchase the property of their dreams. For the experienced sales professional, being able to read buying styles and realizing that they might flip-flop under stress will give you an edge in gaining their business and closing the sale.

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