Chad towered above everyone in his field, not just because of his height, more so due to his business savvy. He was unconsciously competent. He knew how to sell ice to an Eskimo. He seemed to possess the Midas touch because almost every person he met used his services.

Younger professionals flocked to his feet begging for a chance to shadow him. Chad was generous with his time because he was both flattered and desirous of finding an apprentice. Plus he benefited from their work. Yet despite investing in the next generation, he was baffled why they were unable to achieve the same results when left on their own. What was the explanation?

One of Chad’s main strategies for growing his business was membership in referral groups. He collected COINs — Centers of Influential Networks. So that he could meet a couple dozen prospects at once, Chad organized his own events where he invited selected colleagues to bring their best clients. He would do the same. Strangely enough, only a few seized this opportunity. He wondered why.

Unquestionable Chad is personable, smart, ambitious, and industrious. He mistakenly assumes others are just like him. He needs to differentiate between shooters from bench warmers. Whether intern, employee, or business associate, some people have a propensity for action and others don’t. Chad fires while others aim. When he learns to read people’s personality style throughout his business relationships, he’ll have more success in finding the “right” apprentice and associating with the “right” colleagues.

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