With 4-year-old in tow, Lijuan approached the health expo as efficiently as she does her business. An executive in IT, she’s inquisitive, thoughtful, quick to understand and process information, and most of all results-oriented. Just like she behaves at work, she barely waited to hear the answer to her questions before another one was launched. Her fast-paced communication had the sound of a machine gun. When the vendor didn’t “measure up”, she took literature (which is unlikely to be read) and moved on. She demands information on a need-to-know basis.

Most exhibitors representing health products have a different personality style from Lijuan. They seek to engage in conversation, get friendly with their prospects, share what they have learned, and develop a relationship. People like Lijuan are outside their comfort zone. What they haven’t considered is that this personality style has no time to waste. There are many tables to view and a child who might at any moment require her attention.

Unless you can match Lijuan’s personality style, there’s a good chance that none of the usual health care vendors captured her as a customer. However, if you can meet her quickness with the dream of optimal health, she’ll reward you with a fast sale.