It was rush hour.

She was driving a powder blue Mini and had the right of way. He was driving a champagne gold Boxster S convertible and was merging from the right. Ahead of them was an intersection with 4 choices: right, straight, slight left, full left. For those merging who desired to venture left, this intersection presented a challenge.

Not hesitating a second, he deftly maneuvered his car ahead of hers and crossed two lanes of traffic stopping at the intersection when the light turned red. She honked the horn belatedly as he snaked ahead of her, and then stopped at the same light, one car separating them. When it changed, they both drove straight ahead.

Clearly, these are 2 different individuals with their own motivations and values. Not for a moment would they respond the same way to a sales presentation. Yet, often the one-size-fits-all message is just what is offered by the typical company. Just as their choices in cars and driving behavior broadcast their differences in buying styles, the wise sales professionals adjust accordingly and build rapport quickly and authentically, which will be different for Ms. Cooper and Mr. Porsche®.

Talk to her about guarantees, a systematic, proven method. Talk to him about his lifestyle and dream. When you speak the language of your prospect, you’ll drive home more sales.