Margaret met Frank at the Chamber event. As expected, he popped the magic question, ”What do you do?” Margaret was ready with a short answer. Actually, she had prepared 4 different responses, one for each personality style, and used them appropriately throughout the event. Being intrigued with her reply, Frank suggested that they schedule time in the coming week to talk, and this led, subsequently, to her being hired. What is Margaret’s strategy?


First, with by-the-book prospects she maintains formality. Being overly friendly and emotional often repels them. A polite handshake, smile, and brief eye contact constitute sufficient greeting. Margaret engages in general conversation about the event, an up-coming holiday, or the local sports team. Most importantly, she avoids interrupting them. They exchange business cards before they depart.

Life of the Party

In the next conversation, Margaret laughs whole-heartily and gleefully with prospects that are the life of the party. She enjoys their jokes, humor, manner, and dress. These people are very entertaining and appreciate having an enthusiastic and appreciative audience that she provides. She lets them lead the way and joins in the spontaneity and fun. However, she knows that she must pin down a follow-up appointment NOW because they’ll be hard to reach later.

People Who Like People

Margaret greets people-oriented prospects with a warm handshake by placing her left hand on top of their grasped hands. She knows they love to feel connected, especially on a personal level. So she initiates a conversation by asking about their dreams and desires. She shows interest by taking the time to listen and share about herself. Although they could talk for hours, she suggests a follow-up meeting, which is eagerly accepted.

Seriously Informed

Finally, Margaret scans the room and spies someone standing alone. Prospects that value information dread networking events because they dislike chit-chat, loud voices, and the gaiety that they see around them. She nods and moves towards them. She starts to converse by asking a specific question about their work and takes a strong interest in their answer. She watches them shine as they talk about something they know well.

Learn to diagnose your prospect’s style within 30-60 seconds. Notice what people wear, how they move, what they say, and when they arrive. All of these behaviors are clues as to their personality style. With this brief analysis, you’ll gain confidence to build rapport quickly and authentically, which will open the way to doing more business.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

Dr. Nancy Zare, founder of Rapport Builderz, has been a direct sales professional since 1996. Using the AlikeAbility™ system, she quadrupled sales in 90 days. Clients have reported doubling sales the first month. A retired professor, Nancy is skilled in simplifying complex information. Request your complimentary 4 Magical Questions for building rapport quickly and authentically with all personality styles.