“Clarity of vision is the key to achieving your objectives.” ~Tom Steyer

We sometimes find ourselves and our businesses stuck. Sales are stagnant. New contacts are not converting. And, we can’t see the solution.

With her Doctorate in Psychology and deep experience working with diverse businesses, Dr. Zare not only works as a coach, but also can come in as a business sales consultant.

Consulting and coaching are closely related, kind of like first cousins. A consultant has expertise to analyze the goals you have for your business and help you create the plan of action required for you to actually accomplish those goals.

Like entertainers and athletes, people who must grow their client base benefit from expert consultation to identify those barriers and develop a solution for removing them and moving forward. Rapport Builderz makes it easy to work individually with a Consultant whether on-site for a team, one-on-one in person, or via telephone or live screenshare/webinar. It can be a simple email exchange, quick 10-minute call, or a package of services.

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