Jack proposed lunch and then arrived late. No excuse, he simply breezed in and took his spot at the table set for four. He quickly caught the drift of the conversation, made a comment, and adeptly changed it to his favorite topic – one of his activities. Jack is engaged with many endeavors both professionally and recreationally. It’s impressive how he juggles so many things, although arriving late is the price paid for having an overflowing plate.

Mr. Confidence

When he talked, Jack commanded the audience and everyone focused on him. Dressed in a vivid blue golf shirt that compliments his blond hair, it’s evident that he just came from the playing a few holes. His bronzed complexion also testified to the fact that despite his job, he spends considerable time outdoors. He coaxed the party to join him in a beer and suavely ordered one on draft.

Someone mentioned that Jack was preparing to participate in a community musical and without hesitation, he boldly sang the first verse of his solo. Being the center of attention was exciting and he took pleasure in the compliments that followed.

Business was discussed just as the entrees appeared. Jack was confident in presenting his product and wasted no time with details. He was poised and suave. Did he succeed in earning their business?

Contrasting Personality Styles

Group presentations are always challenging. Invariably there are several different personality styles participating in the buying process. One of the key decision-makers was Howard whose style was opposite from Jack’s.

Howard arrived 15 minutes early. He wore a dark suit jacket and conservative tie. He observed the conversation and waited his turn to speak. He looked uncomfortable when Jack broke out in song because Howard was sure they had violated the unwritten rules of conduct in a restaurant.

Every Style Rubs Another the Wrong Way

Jack will never know the real reason why he lost the business. Some plausible explanation will be forth-coming about budget constraints. However, the actual cause was a contrast in personality styles. Howard cannot trust someone who exhibits unprofessional behaviors.

Moral of the story: Learning how to read your prospect’s personality style, and match it, closes more sales.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach service-based sales professionals how to read buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary video, “If the Shoe Fits” that helps you identify your prospect’s buying style from the shoes they wear. Contact her at nancy@RapportBuilderz.com to receive your copy by email.