It’s not just about coaching. It’s about confidence.

We all need to feel confident and prepared as revenue goals rise. Managers need confidence that every rep is ready to hit those targets. Every inside salesperson and account executive needs to feel they are as well-prepared as possible to effectively

Many entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, and professional services salespeople agonize over their interactions with potential clients. They worry about being perceived as money hungry, pushy, and ‘sales-y’ rather than the caring individuals they truly are.

Learning to speak the language of your prospect will relieve you of these concerns and give you the confidence you need to build rapport authentically and generate more business.

Stating your fee structure and asking for people to invest will become easy when you know exactly what to say to maintain the relationship.

Rapport Builderz partners with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

Rapport Builderz  offers several options for Individual and Group Coaching that are seamless follow-ups to a detailed Assessment and  Introductory Consulting.

The Ignition Session will introduce you to the 5-step AlikeAbility™ System, the foundation for being perceived as “Alike”.

In the Acceleration Package, a course of four (4) sessions), you’ll learn how to identify each personality type using visual and auditory clues. You’ll learn how to build rapport with each style and downplay your differences. you’ll develop the competency to network easily and effectively. This will give you the edge to build rapport and create AlikeAbility™.

The three-month Blast Off Package delivers the expertise to become fluent in personality decoding. You’ll look forward to personal networking events because you’ll know exactly what to say to build rapport, increase your AlikeAbility™, and close business. You’ll become a super sleuth in figuring out the subtleties of personality types and applying this

Here’s what River La Belle, a financial sales professional said about the Blast Off Package. “Working with Rapport Builderz has helped me learn how to truly optimize my presentation for the client (and their spouse’s!!) personality type. I would recommend her to any of my colleagues, and I already have recommended Dr. Nancy several times.”

Peter Moustakis, Esq.

Moustakis Law LLC

Dr. Nancy Zare has been a great coach and mentor. She has taught me skills to help better communicate with my clients and I have noticed an increase in business as a direct result of working with Nancy. I would recommend Nancy to business people looking to grow their business.

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