Of the 4 buying styles, one makes decisions on the spot; another takes days (weeks – forever!) and then doubts themselves. Can you tell by their vocal qualities which one you’re talking with? The one who speaks quickly, breathlessly, and enthusiastically is a fast decision-maker. On the other hand, the one who speaks deliberately, pauses often, asks questions, and challenges what you say has a long decision-making process.

The best sales closers process this information unconsciously and shift how they interact to match their prospects. Like a chameleon, they change their color – their approach depending on how the other individual behaves. Subtle clues, such as differences in speech, are noted quickly and form the basis for how they outperform their peers.

Is this capacity innate or learned? For some, it appears that they were born with the ability to discern the differences in how people present themselves. Not only are they aware on a subconscious level, but they also take into account how these differences manifest in various behavioral styles. If you ask them what they are doing, they probably can’t answer. They don’t realize that they’re “doing” anything special. It’s become second nature to them to think and respond – to adjust – according to the differences they perceive when encountering a new person. If you observe them, you might not “see” anything unusual. The changes are gradual and imperceptible.

The good news is that you can learn to become better at closing sales. It’s a matter of diagnosing the other person’s style, matching it, and discarding or downplaying what doesn’t match. Doing so raises the perception in the prospect of being alike. Having achieved AlikeAbility™ raises trust and lowers resistance. Consequently, you’ll position yourself to build rapport and close more sales.