Kevin enjoys standing out in a crowd. He likes wearing colors, fabrics, and accessories that grab attention and make a statement. He relishes driving a car with its customized license plate that bears signage for his business. He freely tells you that it’s a fool who keeps to himself and remains invisible.

In school, Kevin struggled with memorization and following the rules. He’s a hands-on guy who learns best by doing. Action is his middle name, and he rarely sits still. He’s constantly on the go and has a tightly-packed schedule. As a result, he often arrives in the parking lot at the appointed hour and so is late when he actually makes his way to the meeting. His hearty hello, broad smile, and quick handshake usually silence any criticism. However, he’s not shy about expressing displeasure. He can blow up on a dime, and just as quickly resume his fun-loving nature.

Driven to Win

Kevin is a sales professional. Although details and paperwork are not his thing, he appreciates talking with prospects. He loves the give-n-take of negotiation and the thrill of victory when he closes the deal. It really doesn’t matter what merchandise or service he represents, he always does so with great pizzazz and finesse. He’s driven to win.

He loves that people flock to him. Kevin is very charismatic and an exceptional story-teller. He’s entertaining and lively as he recounts events in his life. His narrative borders on the sensational. Yet he delivers the information with a poker-face and the assurance that “This is exactly how it happened.”

Quick Decision-Maker

Kevin is an example of a quick decision-maker. It takes just one or two contacts before he can make a buying decision. Ask him to read materials or think about the information loses momentum. You must secure his attention on the first visit and complete any paperwork for him. If a physical exam or any outside activity is required, make the arrangements yourself. Otherwise, you walk away empty-handed.

About Dr. Nancy Zare

A retired professor and psychologist, Dr. Nancy Zare originated the AlikeAbility™ System to teach service-based sales professionals how to read buying styles and close more sales. She offers a complimentary video, “If the Shoe Fits” that helps you identify your prospect’s buying style from the shoes they wear. Send her a message on her contact page to receive your copy by email.