Jeffrey has been in sales his whole life. A confident man, he is driven to succeed and won’t take “no” for an answer. He comes across as a bulldog, tenacious and focused. He’s certain that he has the solution and is baffled when prospects and potential joint venture partners refuse to go forward. He wonders why.

Like many people of his generation, Jeffrey has attended at least 20 sales training programs over the course of his career. He knows lots of formulas for starting a conversation, probing for the client’s pain points, and handling objections. Being persistent, he has won a share of the market, but admittedly, it’s been hard work. Could there be an easier way?

4 Buying Styles

Buyers come in 4 styles. Some decide quickly, often on the first encounter, because they’re eager for results and relief. Others take longer to make a purchase and must be assured that there is an on-going relationship, not just a transaction. A different group of buyers takes its time to be sure of the company, its products, and long-term effects. The last category of buyers reads volumes of research, asks countless questions and seeks scientific proof that they are making a smart choice.

Jeffrey’s one-note approach connects with only one of these 4 buying styles. That means that 75% of the time he fails to reach his prospects and potential partners. Now that he’s open to finding another way, he’ll quickly learn to read each buying style and adjust accordingly. With this change in his presentation, Jeffrey will win more clients with less effort. Yes, an old dog can learn to sell by looking through the lens of the prospect’s buying style.

Dr. Nancy Zare, the originator of the AlikeAbility™ System. Contact her for more details.