Thank you for coming to this page to explore becoming a part of my Words that Sell with Style book launch team!

As you know, bringing this book into the world and providing its message to readers is extremely important to me as I know it will enhance many entrepreneurs’ lives, as well as those of their clients and customers. It will also be a resource for marketing professionals.

For my launch to be successful in reaching as many people as possible, I’m asking partners to do all or some of the following…

  • Share on social media about the book - especially on launch day, January 28th. My team and I will provide you with all the content and images you need well ahead of time to do this easily.
  • Download the book yourself from Amazon ON January 28th. I’m providing you with it ahead of time and you’ll be glad to know that it’s compact and reads quickly -- probably less than an hour!
  • Review the book on Amazon AFTER downloading it on January 28th.
  • Send an email about the book to your email list (if you are a business owner and have an email list). IDEALLY, THIS WOULD HAPPEN AROUND 6 AM EASTERN TIME ON 1/28/20.
  • Celebrate with me once we successfully launch the book.

The level to which you would like to participate is up to you, but obviously, the more you do, the better our combined reach for potential readers.

Are you willing?

If so, please enter your name and email address below so that my team and I can communicate with you efficiently. WE WILL NOT ADD YOU TO ANY OTHER DISTRIBUTION LISTS.

Have questions?

Drop me a line here, nancy.zare@gmail.com, or give me a call at 508-981-2315.

Thank you for believing in me and my message.

To your sales success,


Dr. Nancy Zare