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✅    Kickoff Session. The Fundamentals of the 4 Buying Styles (Value: $250)

  • The description of each of the 4 Buying Styles

  • The motives of each of the Buyers

  • The basis for how Prospects make decisions

  • The number of times needed for each Buyer to make a decision

✅       Part I. The Psychology of Fast Buyers (Value: $250)

  • How they dress

  • How they talk

  • How they behave

  • What they like

  • What they dislike

✅       Part II. The Psychology of Slow Buyers (Value: $250)

  • How they dress

  • How they talk

  • How they behave

  • What they like

  • What they dislike

✅       BONUS SESSION. Identification of Buyers Using Social Media (Value: $350)

  • Which platforms do they use

  • What kind of posts do they write

  • What kind of pictures do they post

✅       Recordings of each session (Value: $1000)

  • LIFETIME access to audio and video recordings

✅       Workbook with summary and room for notes (Value: $100)

Value of Course: $2200

✅       BONUS: Weekly LIVE Small Group Coaching where I answer
ALL your questions (Value: $750)

✅       BONUS: Individual Consultation to discuss the application

specific to your situation Value: $350)

✅       BONUS: Assessment of YOUR Buying Style to discover your own style and
which buyers you naturally connect with (Value: $250)

✅       BONUS: Q-Cards and cheat sheets that you can easily reference when
speaking to prospects, or writing marketing materials (Value: $50)


Value of Bonuses: $1750 — all for just ONE payment of $350!


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