“You’d be perfect for this business!”

How many times had Tammy spoken these words or thought this idea? Too many to count. Now she heard herself exclaim once again to her high school friend that she would make an ideal partner in this home-based business. Days later she felt hurt when the other person dodged her calls and failed to respond to emails or text messages. The disappointment hung heavy in her heart. What was she doing wrong?

Promotion without Attraction

Tammy’s enthusiasm seemed to have the opposite effect than what she intended. Rather than attract people to join her in direct sales, it repelled them. Her family and close friends hesitated to invite her to holiday celebrations and milestone events because they were tired of listening to her constant pitch – whether for the products she represented or the business opportunity she promoted.

While Tammy’s situation may sound extreme, many people in direct sales end up in the NFL – No Friends Left club. Despite her dread of being perceived as pushy and aggressive, her manner aroused that response. Is it possible to convey passion without coming across as salesy?

And the Solution Is . . .
What advice can you offer Tammy? Check back next week for a feasible approach.

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