What’s AlikeAbility ™?

Want to know how to Improve Your Ability to Build Relationships? Want the people you meet see you as “Alike” them?

AlikeAbility™ (n). the ability to raise people’s perception of being alike

At Rapport Builderz sales professionals and entrepreneurs learn to build rapport quickly and authentically using the 5-Step System called AlikeAbility™.

The AlikeAbility™ System that we use is founded on the science of personality styles, which is based on the 4 temperaments. Although each person is a blend, one style tends to be dominant and one tends to be recessive, depending on the social or business context. Behind each style is a set of values, and these values dictate the choices the individual makes in appearance, décor, communication, and behavior. The AlikeAbility™ System teaches how you can read prospects and align with their values, quickly and authentically. By doing so, trust builds, sales resistance drops away, and you open the way to closing more business.

Why is it important to have AlikeAbility™?

People do business with those they know, like and trust. Before they take the time to get to know you, they must perceive you as being “alike” them. It’s only then their guard drops and their interest in you rises enabling you to cultivate a genuine and lasting relationship.

  • Develop your AlikeAbility™ and become a master in greeting, meeting, and connecting with prospects and business colleagues.
  • Gain confidence by knowing exactly what to say to create enduring, profitable relationships.
  • Feel confident about about your ability to interact with people of all personality types.

Maya Angelou said ~
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said,
people will forget what you did,
but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Sharon Grimm

Dr. Nancy Zare is a highly knowledgeable psychologist and sales trainer. As many of you know, people do business with who they know, like and trust! Nancy will teach you how to bridge the gap between like and trust and allow you to get to know each other and grow the rapport needed to close the sale. Her AlikeAbility program works with your natural personality style to reach the 75% of folks you’re not connecting with naturally as well as to enhance your odds of succeeding in business (or life for that matter). Nancy’s teaching and presentation style is engaging and witty. Her programs are simple and easy to follow and include: learning who to spend time with at a networking meeting, staying on track with follow up calls, generating leads, building rapport within a team, and closing the sale. Nancy will guide you through the process with honesty and integrity of a trained professional. I highly recommend anyone who is in Sales or Managing teams to connect with Nancy and have her highlight how she will teach you how to build the Rapport in the areas you are seeking help with and give you the edge to succeed!

Before taking Dr. Nancy Zare’s Alikeability training, I didn’t understand how powerful identifying people’s personality types could be. The training improved my ability to connect and sell to a wide variety of folks. The training has reduced the stress of talking with strangers because I can quickly identify their personality type and know exactly how to talk with them. It’s also improved my confidence in conducting consultations. I highly recommend her training for anyone wanting to improve their sales and networking abilities.

Learn to speak the language of your prospects, and they’ll feel at ease. As a result their resistance goes down and their trust goes up.

Let RapportBuilderz help you attract the right people and transform them into delighted clients.