Do You Know The 4 Magical Questions That Fit Each of The Four Buying Styles?

Each of the following questions given here are very specific to one of the four buying styles. If you can recognize the style of the prospect, asking the matching question can hasten closing the sale. That’s AlikeAbility™ in action!

Although everyone has facets of all 4 personality styles, often one is dominant while another is recessive. The right question creates an immediate connection, while the wrong question can actually turn off the other person’s interest. Caution: Make sure to use the right question with the right buyer.

matches well with the energy and exuberance characteristic of direct, bottomline buyers. They decide quickly and can get distracted if not kept engaged. Assess their desire by stating enthusiastically, “Isn’t it exciting?”

is a question that works best for buyers who are people-oriented. They are more interested in getting to know the seller and develop a relationship than in hearing the details about the product or service offered. Once a connection has been established, test the bond by asking, “Does it feel right?”

addresses buyers who maintain their reserve and control. They seek products and services that are backed by social proof with a solid record of performance and success. Measure their interest by asking, “Are things in order?”

addresses thoughtful buyers who ask probing questions and come to the sales interaction having done a great deal of research. They want information, scientific reports and documentation that demonstrate the intelligence of the product or service. Determine where they are by asking, “Does this make sense?”

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