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Learn how to quickly recognize your prospect’s personality
to establish immediate rapport.
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Compelling Selling

Compelling Selling: Simple, Profitable Techniques for Effective, Efficient Sales Conversations, reveals these secrets and more in a short, 100-page book.

What We Do

Rapport Builderz offers a unique solution to develop relationships quickly and authentically that leads to new business. Make stronger connections that lead to more closed business!


Feel the Power

Learn the right words that build trust quickly and effectively in every sales conversation


Exude Confidence

Always know the right approach that converts prospects into enthusiastic clients.


Make Genuine Connections

Attract new business without the worry of appearing “sales-y”.

Why Choose Us?

Sales training and the approach to selling can differ dramatically. At Rapport Builderz we focus extensively on one part of the sales conversation – developing and building rapport. We believe that rapport is fundamental to the process of acquiring business, and that once it’s established, the probability for moving forward is extremely high. We have an expression that if there’s no rapport, there are no sales. However, when you know rapport, you know sales.

Discover more about me in my interview with The Female Entrepreneurs Network.


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Our design is coupled with the excellent value

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Our design is coupled with the excellent value

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