Selling with Love Closes the Deal

teddy bearSelling with Love Closes the Deal

Roberto cares deeply for people and values friendship above other things. Although not his full-time work, he took a position as a sales clerk in a retail store. A keen observer of human behavior, he noticed a young couple enter his area. They held hands ardently as they walked the aisles. Their murmurs and soft laughs were almost inaudible. He noticed the woman’s eyes glance at various items until they landed upon a large teddy bear. Now they widened with interest.

Roberto approached the couple and offered his services. He quickly learned that they were window shopping and had no particular desire for a transaction. Yet he saw the woman furtively look at the gift item. Realizing that the spark of new love was in the air, Roberto suggested to the boyfriend that he buy the teddy bear.

So the man turned to his partner and asked if she wanted it. Shyly she shrugged her shoulders and said nothing. The man looked at Roberto curious and confused. With a genuine smile, man-to-man, Roberto assured him that he would “score” if he made this purchase.

For a second time the man asked his partner if she wanted the bear. Quietly she responded, “I don’t know. It’s your decision.” Again Roberto took the initiative and gently urged the man to buy it. He added that he would add a big red ribbon. Out of the corner of his eye, Roberto saw the woman smile and her eyes sparkle.

Minutes later the couple left with a large package, a red ribbon waving in the breeze.

About Nancy Zare

Dr. Nancy Zare is the consummate communications expert. Having obtained a doctorate from Boston College in social work, and obtaining certification in personality systems, she can quickly and easily diagnose the blocks to successful communications with clients, colleagues and personal relations. Her engaging manner, results-driven focus, and breadth of knowledge helps her clients make stronger connections that lead to more closed business. She is passionate about helping people succeed in their business and personal relationships.