Is each of your associates considered a Rainmaker? Chances are no. Yet, for a business to be successful, every employee represents your brand and image – whether they are consciously aware of this fact or not. This is true regardless of the individual’s position.

It’s common knowledge that it costs more to acquire a new customer than to retain a current one. With each interaction your customers/clients have with members of your team, they decide whether or not to use or continue to use your product or services. You must educate your entire workforce in solid customer service. Learning AlikeAbility not only results in good customer service; it builds strong teams.

Companies can choose from three Training packages. Initially begin with AlikeAbility 101. In this one-hour to 90 minute session, participants are introduced to the concept of personality styles. They identify their own style as well as that of their colleagues. They learn a few key methods for working more easily with each of the four personality types, and one vital question they can ask to build rapport with the different styles. According to an associate at Paresky and Flitt, the enthusiasm and excitement from this initial presentation continued to percolate throughout the workplace for weeks.

Some of the results from Training with AlikeAbility 101 include better working relationships between employees, higher closing ratios for the sales team, increased revenues, higher customer retention, more referrals, higher productivity, and enhanced esprit de corps.

Many companies add AlikeAb ility 201, , a second phase of Corporate Training, for its sale team. Geared towards a limited number of associates, these workshops go into more detail about identifying each personality type through the prospect’s appearance, manner of speech, values, and behaviors. Participants learn how to build rapport with each type and critique common sales situations. Each individual also becomes aware of their own blind spots and develop methods for overcoming them. AlikeAbility 201 provides participants with the competency to present to each personality type easily and effectively.

The results from Corporate Training at this level include increased revenues, greater acquisition of customers, heightened confidence and greater productivity among sales associates, and increased enthusiasm and loyalty.

AlikeAbility 301 adds the skill of discerning personality types from written communications, including email correspondence, websites, or social media profiles. The concepts learned in the previous Corporate Training are applied and fine-tuned. Participants gain the competitive edge to meet, greet, and close prospects. They’ll become closing machines!

Rich Ferris of Century 21 Realty wrote: “Your presentation made quite an impact on the agents. . . Thanks, you were terrific.”

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