Direct Sales Professionals – Insurance, Finance, Products, Services, MLM, etc.

Are you responsible for your own client base?

It can be a daunting task to develop relationships and fuel your pipeline. If you’re affiliated with a brand company, you probably depend on their reputation to attract prospects. Occasionally this works out. However, the reality is that the majority of time you must attend networking events and prospect on your own.

Knowing AlikeAbility™ shortens the learning curve in finding prospects and developing relationships. According to the Word of Mouth Marketing and Advertising (WOMMA), the best sales people outsell the average 57:1. These super sales stars have learned how to read their prospect’s personality style and match it. Just like chameleons, they quickly and unperceptively change, with the result that the other person senses a deep compatibility.
It’s not innate. You can develop this capability too!

When you learn AlikeAbility™, trust goes up and resistance goes down. You’ll gain confidence, which makes you irresistible! As a result you’ll attract new prospects, build rapport, and make more sales.