When was the last time you watched an awards ceremony? Whether in the field of entertainment or sports, everyone who wins has a similar message to broadcast. No one succeeds without the help of other people. Winners engage key people behind the scenes to develop their skills and fine tune their performance.

Like entertainers and athletes, people who must grow their client base benefit from expert consultation. Rapport Builderz makes it easy to work individually with a Consultant whether in person or via telephone. It can be a simple email exchange, quick 10-minute call, or a package of services.

At Rapport Builderz, you can select the package of Individual Consulting services that works best for you. Some people begin with just one session to get an overview and a framework. In the Ignition Session you’ll be introduced to the 5-step AlikeAbility™ System, the foundation for being perceived as “Alike”.

If you already are adept at understanding the 4 buying and selling styles, one consultation may be enough for you to apply this information to your current activities. However, most people benefit from additional Consultations. Over the course of 4 sessions, you’ll learn to identify each personality type using visual and auditory clues. You’ll learn how to build rapport with each style and downplay your differences. With the Acceleration Package, you’ll develop the competency to network easily and effectively. This will give you the edge to build rapport and create AlikeAbility™.

Why stop with competence? Go for Mastery! The Blast Off Package will give you expertise. In a short 3-month time period, you’ll become fluent in personality decoding. You’ll look forward to personal networking events because you’ll know exactly what to say to build rapport, increase your AlikeAbility™, and close business. You’ll become a super sleuth in figuring out the subtleties of personality types and applying this knowledge that results in your developing long-term, profitable business relationships.

Read what River La Belle, a financial sales professional said about the Blast Off Package. “Working with Rapport Builderz has helped me learn how to truly optimize my presentation for the client (and their spouse’s!!) personality type. I would recommend her to any of my colleagues, and I already have to several.”

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